Bugaboo X Pendleton Collection - As a special fall project, the team at Bugaboo has collaborated with Pendleton Woolen Mills on a few beautiful and warm patterned baby stroller sun canopies. 

Using Pendleton’s well known black & red “Rob Roy” checkered tartan, Bugaboo has decorated their specious Donkey model. The Donkey includes not only this fancy Pendleton canopy, but also a handy side basket and the capacity to be configure for more then one child. It’s a perfect stroller for parents who have a planned, or un-planned for that matter, child on the way.

The Crossroads design, found on Bugaboo’s most rugged stroller, reflects First Nations teachings and the power of the four directions. The pattern represents wonderfully this adventure- seeker’s stroller as, whether it be North, South, East or West, parents with the Cameleon³ want to be ready for any stroller challenge

Lastly, the Spirit of the Peoples pattern, developed by Pendleton in celebration of the 100th year anniversary, graces the simpler, lightweight and maneuverable Bugaboo Bee. In celebration of the family, the pattern shows various colors and shapes making it an hip, urbanite-parent’s dream.

All three Bugaboo x Pendleton models will be available on September 1st via bugaboo.com, so set your clocks and be ready for this drop because  we are pretty sure this is some of the biggest Baby hype that we have seen for a while. 

Minimals by Sebastian Burga - Minimals is a new series of modular art toys created by Peruvian designer Sebastian Burga. 

Each animal in the collection is built using individual modular pieces that have been uniquely designed by Burga to be interchangeable between the different Minimals creatures. This particular attribute allows kids to let their imagination run wild when playing with they funky new toys.

They are also absolutely adorable and would look amazing in any kid`s bedroom. 

The Minimals are still in their developmental stage of production but if you wish to know more about their designer check out Facebook and bastianbestia.wordpress.com


Jennifer Hudson as Princess Tiana for Annie Leibovitz - Disney Parks has commissioned the ever talented Annie Leibovitz to photograph the beautiful Jennifer Hudson for their ongoing celebrity advertising campaign entitled “Disney Dream Portrait” series.

In this installment, Academy Award-winning Jennifer Hudson has taken on the role of Tiana from the 2009 Walt Disney Animated Classic “The Princess and the Frog.” 

The final portrait, dubbed “Where you always follow your heart”, will be seen in the upcoming issues of Vanity-fair, O - The Oprah Magazine and People. 


Me Luv Kush “Godee” Blanket - Designed as an alternative to the swaddling blanket or bassinet, the Me Luv Kush “Godee”, a South Asian inspired baby blanket, is a secure and snug environment for babies.

The Godee’s particularly robust size allows parents, friends and family to feel more at ease when holding the newborn baby. The baby not only feels safe, but mommy feels better knowing that the Godee blanket can protect her baby from un-clean hands and harmful germs.

The Godee’s soft cotton is is screen-printed in vibrant colours and patterns in Jaipur, India. Each designs reflect the masterful textile art of the country and boast absolutely adorable Indian wildlife.

So, do not be deceived by this company’s “interesting” name, that actually means “I love happiness”, and makes no reference to “the green stuff”, as we are pretty sure the Godee is  going to revolutionize your baby holding skills.

To learn more about the Godee, and to pick up your new baby blanket, visit meluvkush.com


Burton x Doraemon “After School Special” - Burton Snowboards has collaborated with the the Japanese team behind Doraemon, the robotic cat, to release a series of Doraemon-themed kids’ snowboards. 

The collection, dubbed the “After School Special” includes three boards ranging between 80 cm and 100 cm  featuring graphics that include the happy cat’s silly smiling face and bright Doraemon primary colors.  

Not only are these Doraemon boards super cute, the After School Special has a super soft core and a saucer-like shape that helps teach balance and board control to young shredders. 

The Doraemon board is currently available at jp.burton.com for 31,080 Yen. 




Bobo Choses Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection - Bobo Choses, one of our most-enjoyed featured childrenswear brands, has recently released their AW14 collection and it’s looking pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Following a central theme based around music and guitar lullabies, Bobo Choses has produced lots of comfy-cozy, “oversized”, fall coloured pieces with whimsical prints of trees, instruments, rain drops, etc.

Our favourite new addition to Bobo Choses’ collections, the Thick Twill School Bag, is great for young kids attending school for the first time in fall. It’s small but sturdy and prefect for small books, pencil crayons and lil treasures.

See the new Bobo Choses AW13 collection at bobochoses.com

Air Jordan 5 GS in Cement Grey and Raspberry - A new pair of girls GS Jordan 5’s have become available this week and these babies are bringing all the boys to they yard. Their cement grey upper is sleek and clean and is well accentuated by a pretty raspberry mid-sole, a purple liner and those icy blue soles.

Damn right they’re better then yours. Pick ‘em up at extrabutterny.com

The DeLorean Time Machine by LEGO CUUSOO - Join Dr. Emmett Brown and the famous 80’s bad-boy, Marty Mcfly, explore the realms of time with this 140 piece Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine set by LEGO.

This miniature time machine includes tones of cool features including gull-wing doors, fold up wheels, the flux capacitor (“…which is what makes time travel possible”), time circuits, the OUTATIME licence place and of course Marty and Doc Brown minifigures.

The set also comes with a booklet containing production notes, original images and fun details from the legendary 1985 movie directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Guys! don’t miss this one because if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

Available NOW and not it the future at shop.lego.com

"Me Want It" by Cookie Monster - Sesame Street’s famous blue Cookie Monster spoofs Icona Pop’s hit song “I Love It” in this funny new video.

In an attempt to teach children about self-regulation, the Sesame Street team has put Cookie Monster to the ultimate personal test; if only for the length of this song, Cookie Monster must use his new found self-control to “wait” for his beloved chocolaty cookies. Can he do it?


SUPRA Backpacks - With the new school year approaching quickly, it’s time to start picking out new gear for the lil guys. Backpacks are without a doubt the second most defining piece, after sneakers of course, of your kids back-to-school look and so, it is very important to pick one that suits personality.

The new SUPRA backpacks are simple, elegant and built to last. There is lots storage options, including a laptop sleeve, and while it’s big enough for a sleepover, it’s also small enough for day to day use. It also includes skate straps on the front so your kids can skate to school or be ready for those after school skate sessions.

Available in black and military green ripstop canvas at suprafootwear.com

Victor Cruz for Foot Locker Kids - In this new Foot Locker Kids commercial, Victor Cruz, a New York Giants wide receiver, befriends Scott, a cool kid that is sad that after their 30 seconds of commercial time together they will no longer be friends. Cruz decides the best thing to do is “Make it Count” and so the two go on several quick adventures before Scott gets the boot.  Funny, witty and well done; this is great advertisement.


Book-Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors - For a less serious Friday post, check out Philadelphia-based publishing company, Quirk Books’, series of fake Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors based on classic books.

Loaded with Chocolate Frogs, Butter Beer and Strawberry flavoured Bertie Bott’s Beans, the Berry Potter and the Container of Secrets flavour would certainly be my favourite.

More lip-smacking, literary-inspired, ice-cream combos at  Quirkbooks.com. (yum, yumm)

Who agrees that Ben & Jerry’s should absolutely make this happen!?

adidas Kids Springblade - If your kids are looking for an explosive reaction on any surface, the new Springblade introduced in-stores today by adidas might be the running shoes they need.

The adidas Spingblade’s newly engineered outsole features 16 forward angled blades made of a high-tech polymer. These blades absorb energy when loaded and unleash it on the launch.The highly elastic like blades react quickly and efficiently to every movement without disrupting the runners regular flow.

The Techfit construction on the upper part of the shoe was engineered for a natural, yet flexible support system while still locking the foot and helping in delivering the energy returned from the springy outsole.

All in all the new Springblade, available in Black and Red for kids, is a really neat new take on performance running shoes. Pretty impressive if I do say. 

Ruff & Huddle AW13 Collection - New UK kidswear brand, Ruff & Huddle,  has created a wonderful new collection of streetwear inspired goods that encapsulates that fearless yet sweet lil rebel in every kid.

As much as we like Ruff & Huddle’s AW13 collection of well designed sweats and graphic tees, the young brand’s killer jackets are what really caught our eye.

We love R&H’s classic college Varsity jacket with its epic stitched lion motif and the ‘ROAR’ applique on the front. Their M1 bomber jacket is also pretty impressive. The tattoo like patches really give it an edge that your boys will totally love.

To see more, check out Ruff & Huddle’s AW13 collection this August via ruffandhuddle.co.uk. Or, at Selfridges in September.