Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2011 - Doernbecher Freestyle is a collaboration between Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon and Nike. Each year, a group of young Doernbecher patients are selected to design Nike shoes to raise funds for the hospital. The patient-designers are asked to use this output as an opportunity to express powerful messages for those you have triumphed like them, or are in need of hope.

The Freestyle designers are nominated each year by physicians and staff at Doernbecher. They then travel to the Nike campus where they sketch their designs with some of Nike’s top creative talent.

This year Warang McManus, Anthony Roletto, Dacia Kasenga, Isaiah Scott, Daniel Bair and Mackenzie Short are the talent behind these inspiring Freestyle sneakers.

These shoes will be available as of November 5th at

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