Charlie The Ranch Dog Collection by Ree Drummond – There are only a few blogs that I check regularly and feel fulfilled by and the is one of them. It’s the combination of awesome photos, great recipes, lighthearted humour and well written stories that just keep me coming back for inspiration. So when I found out that Ree Drummond, aka the pioneer woman, wrote a couple of cute kids books about her Basset Hound Charlie, I new we had to share. Charlie The Ranch Dog, Ree’s first kids book and a New York Times bestselling picture book, introduces Charlie and his life on the Ranch. He’s kind of lazy, a bit envious of his counterpart, Suzie, gets up way too early, loves breakfast and works hard. The second Charlie installment, Charlie and the Christmas Kitty delivers a story about getting into the holiday spirit and finding the good in all, even cats. The lightheartedness found in Ree’s everyday writing combined with Diane DeGoat’s cute illustrations makes these books “must haves” for this upcoming holiday season. Check ‘em out at

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