FriendsWithYou “I Am Malfi” and “I Am Malfi II” Limited Edition Prints - FriendsWithYou has released a new limited edition print series featuring our absolute favourite FWY character “Malfi”. Both the sad face and smiling Malfi prints are limited to 150 copies and are being sold exclusively at PosterChildPrints.

Each 24” by 36” print is embossed with the PCP seal, signed and numbered by the artists, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a super special Malfi Club sticker. The prints are standard frame size, 2-color silk screen printed on 100% archival cotton paper.

According to FWY, these beautiful portraits of the great and powerful wizarding Malfi will bring magic, luck, peace, prosperity, happiness and friendship to your home. What a great combo!

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