15-Year-Old Self Taught Engineering Whiz from Sierra Leone is Invited to M.I.T.- Meet Kelvin Doe. He is a completely self taught 15-Year-Old engineer who has just recently been invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT by PHD student David Sengeh. He is the youngest invitee in the history of the program.

Kelvin Doe’s life goal is to create technology that will inspire the people in his town of Sierra Leone to create and learn by building. In the past he has had to scour the trash to find the bits and pieces he has needed to build generators, batteries, and even an FM radio transmitters so he can transmit his message of empowerment to his community.

He is a very inspiring young man and we hope you enjoy this lovely mini documentary put together by THNKR for their Prodigies series.

If you are interested in fostering innovation among gifted children like Kelvin, check out www.crowdrise.com/InnovateSalone

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