The Coop Concept Bikes by Federico Rios - It takes much and more effort to find kids bikes and trikes that are not horribly heavy, chunky or gaudy. That’s why we are happy to showcase the latest ride-on toy designs by Chicago based designer Federico Rios; The Coop.

The Coop includes a set of three bikes named after small Spanish birds. The Pescador is a inverted tricycle, the Petirrojo is a balance bike and the Azulejo is a  two-kid tricycle.

These concept bikes are designed around sustainability. Not only are they are made of reclaimed wood and coloured using natural vegetable dyes, you can also send the hardware back to the company and safely discard the biodegradable wood pieces once your kids outgrow the line.

Each bike is light and well-designed so you kids can scoot around in style and you can be proud of your recyclable purchase.

Learn more about The Coop at


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