Romo The Smartphone Robot - The small but growing creative team at Romotive has created the world’s first affordable and personal Smartphone Robot. By combining an IOS Smartphone app with a high tech robotic base, Romotive created Romo, an easy to use robot with a big personality. He can be controlled by any i device, including the new iPhone 5, as well as from your Mac. He’s not only a great toy and educational tool, he is also a cool friend who smiles, laughs and is always happy to see you. 

The best part about Romo is that he was created to allow further development. For example, Romotive has already started working on anonymous navigation and a face recognition system so that Romo will be able to create individual relationships with his owner and friends. To boot, Romotive allowed their robot to be an open platform to any app developer. Meaning, any developer out there can create fun new apps for this lil robot.

At $149.00, what’s not to love about Romo?

To learn more about Romo, check out

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