New Balance 574 For Kids - Over the last couple of years, many New Balance Classic models have gained popularity with the youth. While in still in 2005 you might have been surprised to see the N sneaker on anyone but your grand-parents, today, you can’t go without seeing them on fashion-forward taste-makers and “hot chicks” on Tumblr. Sick new 574 models are coming out every season with new color and material combinations that are simply feeding the New Balance bonfire.

Lucky for your kids, infant to grade school, New Balance knows that the lil guys want to be as steezy as Dad and Mom. That’s why they have a great selection of classic models available in basic and bright colours for theΒ  youth sizes.

The above, Diva Pink with Blue Atoll & Green Oasis and the Black with Pink & Purple, are just a few of this seasons New Arrivals that might ignite the sneakerfreak in your kids. Check out the whole Kids collection at and pick out your Spring/Summer 2013 favorites.

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