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The Coop Concept Bikes by Federico Rios - It takes much and more effort to find kids bikes and trikes that are not horribly heavy, chunky or gaudy. That’s why we are happy to showcase the latest ride-on toy designs by Chicago based designer Federico Rios; The Coop.

The Coop includes a set of three bikes named after small Spanish birds. The Pescador is a inverted tricycle, the Petirrojo is a balance bike and the Azulejo is a  two-kid tricycle.

These concept bikes are designed around sustainability. Not only are they are made of reclaimed wood and coloured using natural vegetable dyes, you can also send the hardware back to the company and safely discard the biodegradable wood pieces once your kids outgrow the line.

Each bike is light and well-designed so you kids can scoot around in style and you can be proud of your recyclable purchase.

Learn more about The Coop at federicorios.com


James Perse Limited Edition Tricycles - James Perse has created custom made low profile tricycles in matte black, orange, green and white. The luxurious 1970’s inspired design is made with heavy duty steal and powder coated for excellent chip resistance. The lil ledge on the back is even made with teak wood. Perse’s seamless blend of luxe and casual are as present in this trike as they would be in his clean-line collections.

We really love it! Available at jamesperse.com

Orbea “Grow” Bicycles for Kids - Spanish bicycle designers, Orbea, has created a range of lightweight kids bikes that will grow alongside your children. Unlike most bicycles, the Grow bikes need only be replaced every five to seven years compared to the two to three years for conventional bikes. This fact is due to easily adjustable extendable crossbars, stems, and seat stems which are available on all 3 models in the collection.

The first bike, Grow 0, is a pedal-less bicycle that, similarly to other bikes we’ve covers on Lilsnob, teaches balance skills and stability; much needed assets for future riding.

The second bike, the Grow 1, introduces the first set of pedals, brakes and training wheels to your children riding experience. With time, this bike will surely help to create lasting feelings of independence in your ever growing children.

Lastly, the Grow 2, which is available in a 20 inch frames, takes the biking experience to higher levels by introducing gears. At this point, your kids are absolutely keeping up to you when on leisurely rides. If the gears are too much, the 20 inch frame is also available in single speed.

To learn more about the ingenious range, see orbea.com

BAPE x 4ing CAMO ABC Balance Bike for Kids– Streetwear giants, A Bathing Ape, have collaborated with Japanese bicycle manufacturer, 4ing, to develop a special edition BAPE Camouflage Balance Bike for the kids. This no-pedals kick bike is not only the most hype learners bike ever, its also great for allowing the lil guys to kick around and learn many balancing skills needed for future biking with pedals. A handy brake is also included as a safety feature. Swag comes free with purchase.

Find the BAPE x 4ing ABC Balance Bike at the A Bathing Ape Store in London and online at eu.bape.com.

Prince Lionheart “Chop” Balance Bike - Parents beware, your toddlers are about to go “Easy Rider” on you with this new chopper-style balance bike. The Chop will help develop crucial skills such as balance, coordination, confidence and independence as well as a serious coolness factor and, perhaps a profound love for vintage motorbikes. Made from 100% birch from an FSC certified forest, the Chop is not only a dope ride it’s also earth friendly. How many bikers can say that!

Available for toddlers aged from 2-5. Visit princelionheart.com to pinpoint your local retailer.

Taga Bikes - Inspired by Dutch cargo-bikes, the people at Taga Bikes have adapted the boxy design to fit the rest of the world.

The Taga Bike uses a modular design that combines the fun of a carrier bike with the functionality of a luxury stroller, enabling the use of interchangeable accessories that allow you to use your bike with kids aged from 0 to 10 years old. Simply strap your kids safely onto the front of the bike and go forth without the bulk. When you reach your destination, convert the bike into a stroller in approximately 20 seconds and keep on rolling.

A purchase well worth $1500. Visit tagabikes.com to learn more about the product.