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Munster Kids Spring/Summer 2013 Collection - Sydney based kidswear label, Munster Kids, has once again managed to create a great range of boys, girls and baby wear that feeds off the devious lil monsters that live in each kid.

Bold patterns and nature-themed flowy tees take the cake this season for the lil misses. We specially like the butterfly print which is multiple times throughout the collection on shorts, tees, swimwear, pants, etc.

On the boys side, the range is teeming with flashy Aztec-esque prints, graphics and colours. Sandy yellows, orangy-reds, teal blues and jungle greens make up the majority of the range; while pyramids, animals, bugs and skulls are prominently featured as graphics.

Super fun!

To see the whole collection, check out munsterkids.com.au (nth hemisphere).

Munster Kids Fall/Winter 2012 Collection - Sydney based kidswear label, Munster Kids, has put together a range of fall clothing inspired by the lil sharp toothed trouble maker that lives inside every kid.

For your girls, find trippy tie-dye pants and tops along side all-over print Aztec-inspired pieces. Munster also dipped into the ever popular jungle theme with an original twist;  an all-over print peacock feather jacket and sweater-dress.

Your boys will be stoked to find some cool street inspired graphics printed on long sleeve tees. Skateboarding, music and a lil bit of that inner rebel is the ever present theme throughout the collection. Our favourite piece is by far the Future Tee which depicts a hand drawn version of the DeLorean from Back To The Future. Pretty dope.

For more, check out munsterkids.com.au (nth hemisphere).