The Toyota Camatte57S - After receiving much love with last years kid-friendly Camatte concept, Toyota has decided to follow up with a couple new models: the Camatte57S and Camatte57S Sport.

Like their predecessor the Camatte57S toy cars are made to be assemble and customized by their owner. They feature detachable body panels and pedals that can be adjusted so children or parent can operate the gas and brake. Actually, if junior is at the wheel, parent can sit in the right seat with his own override pedals to ensure no one is testing their luck.

Both models will be on display at the Tokyo Toy Show from Thursday the 13th of June until Sunday the 17th. Be sure to check them out!


Finger In The Nose x Hot Wheels Capsule Collection - The new Spring/Summer 2013 collection has dropped over at Finger In The Nose and with it, a collaboration with American toy car giants, Hot Wheels. The famous 1973 Roger Dodger, the Surf Wagon, the o.g. Bone Shaker and one of Hot Wheels’ Hot Rods have inspired four youthful illustrations as part of an exclusive t-shirt collection.  The graphics range from bright and colourful to basic white-on-black so there is a tee for your boys no matter what their age.

Be sure to check out the whole Hot Wheels x Finger In The Nose capsule collection at

The Buchi Toy Car by Fumie Shibata - Shibabta, the designer behind Fe Furniture and the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel has created Buchi, a high quality wooden children’s toy and furniture company. 

The stand out piece from the Buchi collection is by far the new toy Car. The Car is made of soft and fine textured maple. Its hollow, oval shape allows kids to easily grasp the toy but also allows your kids to place a doll or other toys inside the vehicle. The best part about the Car is it’s ability to connect to another and become a train. 2-in-1!

Pick up a Buchi Car as a one-vehicle or a three-vehicle set. Available now via