Vans x Marvel Comics Footwear Collection - Vans and Marvel Entertainment have announced a new collection of collabo footwear featuring some of Marvel’s iconic Super Heroes. The collection will feature Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Avengers each individually portrayed on classic Vans models for adults, kids and toddlers.

Although the initial release will include really cool Spider-Man and Iron Man Vans Eras and Sk8-His, your kids will have to wait about a month for their release which will boast the power of The Avengers. The Avengers collection release will include a Sk8-Hi and Era for adults and kids, along with a Slip-On for your toddlers featuring the bold cast of the beloved all-star team. The Sk8-His will highlight Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor while the Eras and Slip-Ons will feature a super-team collage on the front and back of the shoes.

Retail prices will range from $37 - $50 for toddlers and kids models at select Vans retailers.

Stay tuned for a glimpse at Vans and Marvel OffTheWall.Tv episode which features the Marvel heroes on skateboards and legendary skate hero,  Steve Caballero.

LOAf Magazine for Kids - With enough funding from their project, the team at LOAf Magazine will try to help remedy the state of children’s entertainment through a well-thought-out magazine for curious 9-12 year-old children featuring cool narrative artwork.

While working on their magazines, the LOAf also plans run informative workshops in Cambridge and Bristol (UK) to promote their work to young readers and directly communicate with the target age-group to find out what sorts of characters, stories and activities should be feature in future editions of the magazine.

The team hopes to perfect LOAf Magazine as, like most parents, they are extremely passionate about the power of creativity and the positive development of children of our future.

Learn more about LOAf Magazine project at

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