Andy Prokh Photography - Russian photographer Andy Prokh has spent the last few years documenting a profound and everlasting friendship between his daughter Katherine and the family cat. Although some pics were probably taken “in-the-moment”, many are well-thought-out and conceptualized in order to creatively capture the true depth of their relationship.

As a result, Andy has created a series of clever, comical and timeless photos that represent the true essence of love and language between kids and their pets. They are fantastic.

Take a few minutes and check out more of Andy’s pics via


"Flying Henry" by Rachel Hulin - Follow young Henry as he discovers his magical ability to fly. Aware of his rare gift, Henry soars through his home and out into nature to examine unfamiliar places from above. Although flying trumps crawling by a long shot, Henry grows lonely and has to learn a very important secret about flying in order to fully enjoy his gift.

A great and whimsical story for you and your toddlers. Available at

Images by Rachel Hulin, Henry’s mom.

ToddleWood “Mini Red-Carpet” Pics by Tricia Messeroux - For her newest photography concept, photographer Tricia Messeroux has recreated Red Carpet celebrity pics from the Golden Globe awards with the help of some “diva-esque” kids. ToddleWood, a play on Hollywood, features pics of decked out kids playing acting as Hally Berry, Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, Taylor Swift and more celebs from last weekends award show. The pics are very well done!

See more from the ToddleWood collection at

The MuchLoved Exhibition by Mark Nixon - From now until the 1st of December, Mark Nixon, one of Ireland’s leading photographers, will be showing his MuchLoved collection at his studio in Dublin. The exhibition contains approximately 30 beautiful images of supremely loved stuffed animals.

This lovely exhibition illustrates how important a stuffed bear can really be to one person. They hold all secrets, keep away all fears, they are defenders of innocence, they never judge and, they are always ready for a hug…well at least what’s left of them.

Do your kids have a special stuffy?

Visit to learn more about each one of these stuffed childhood artifacts.

World’s Best Father Photo Series by Dave Engledow - When Dave’s daughter was born in 2010, he decided that he would document her life creatively and put together a collection of photos that she would love to treasure.

The outcome: this hilarious photo series entitled “World’s Best Father“ in which Dave portrays himself as distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even overbearing.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback, Engledow has decided to produce a 2013 calender using his favorite images from the series. Check out his Kickstarter project here.

We love the pancake shot!

Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait Series - For this years Disney Dream campaign, famous American photographer Annie Leibovitz has added to her ongoing photo series featuring celebrities as classic Disney characters. 

This year, Annie worked with Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Jason Segel and Russell Brand posing as Captain Hook and the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion, all characters that originated at the Disney Parks.

You’ll find these amazing images and more as part of a special insert in fall issues of GQ, O – The Oprah Magazine, People, People En Español, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, Essence, and InStyle.

Via Disney Parks Blog

Cocoagraph Chocolate Photographs - Cocoagraphs are artsy chocolate bars printed with edible custom photographs, logos or images. Each bar is handmade to order with a choice of milk, white, dark or organic dark chocolate. Create the perfect gift or souvenir for birthdays, showers, weddings or just make them for fun!

The chocolate itself comes from a family operated company located in Santa Barbara California. this family company have been purveying exotic cocoas of pure organic origin and exclusive blends of ultra-smooth chocolate in many forms. From the four corners the world, all are ethically traded adhering to the highest standards of ecology, quality and humanity.

Learn more and order your chocolate bars via

Polaroid Instant Digital Camera -  Let’s be frank, our generation and those to come are obsessed with pictures. We snap our food, our pets sleeping, the “pretty” dandelions by the curve…everything! While we used to keep a small selection of packs stored in boxes in the back of our closet, now we keep thousands upon thousands of images store on our slow hard drives, never to be looked at again.

With the Polaroid Instant Digital Camera you can snap, print and share without a computer. Your kids can instantly print their favourite pictures on the spot from their camera’s integrated printer and then pin ‘em up in their bedroom, use them as bookmarks, in school projects, as gifts and much more.

Remember how amazed you were when you received your first instant Polaroid picture? It’s gonna be the same for your lil guys!

Look for the Polaroid Z2300 this coming August via

The Lil List: Here are a few cool links to check out this weekend.

Sesame Street Movie - 20th Century Fox has picked up the movie rights to the long-running and iconic children’s television show, Sesame Street.

Creative Kids Photography by Jason Lee - With what started as a few funny pics of his daughters, has now become a extremely creative hobby for father and wedding photographer Jason Lee.

Little Shoes-Up Photoshoot - This Saturday, June 23rd, visit L’IMPRIMERIE gallery in Paris and have your kids photographed with their favourite/coolest shoes and getup. Every photo will be on the Shoes-Up Facebook page, while a select few will be featured in the September issue of Little Shoes-Up.

Nobody Hates The Miami Heat More Than This Kid - “Watch a 6-year-old cry and scream “I hate Miami!” after the Heat won Game 3 of the NBA Finals.”

Kids Dressed Better Than You - Check out this cool kids fashion Tumblr.

The Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Camera - The new pint sized Fisheye Baby by Lomography delivers wonderful circular analogue pictures that you and your aspiring young photographers are sure to love. This lil cam is packed with fabulous features such as 170-degree lens and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Also, this baby, like most small versions of big things, is so cute your bound to say…. “awww”.

There are only 100 units of the Fisheye Baby 110 available from the initial production batch, so grab yours now at

The Lil List: Here are a couple links you should check out over the weekend.

Cool Kids: RxArt’s Preschool with Julia Chiang - This Sunday, RxArt will be hosting an afternoon (11AM - 1PM) of sculpture-making for kids 6-10 with the artist Julia Chiang at Partners & Spade in NYC.

Pinkstinks! - Checkout this campaign against products, media and marketing that prescribe heavily stereotyped and limiting roles to young girls and boys. 

The Muppets as Fairy Tale Characters - These creative pieces by artist David Peterson feature Miss Piggy, Kirmit, Gonzo, Fozie, and many more playing iconic fairy tale characters.

Interview with Adriana Duque - Colombian photographer Adriana Duque, renowned for her work with children,  divulges a bit about her inspiration and her work.

IKEA Expedit as LEGO Playhouse - ” The Expedit offers multiple levels and compartments of play. Just affix base plates to each of the surfaces, and for some extra inspiration, tape up some LEGO posters to the walls.”