Rirakkuma Bear and Friends Emergency Kits - March 11th marks the second anniversary of the enormously devastating 2011 Tohoku Earthquake that hit Japan. Since, Japan, as well as many others countries, have been very proactive in preparing for future natural disaster of these kinds. However, preparing children for occurrences of this magnitude is not obvious and can easily incite fear in the lil guys. 

To help promote awareness about natural disasters in a less frightening way, the nice people at San-X have released a collection of very cute Emergency Backpacks filled with vitally important supplies. Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Tarepanda and Tsugino Kerori carry with them a couple of bottles of water, a bit of food, a blanket and a few extra things to get your kid through a couple of hard days with a cuddly friend.

Prepare your kids with the Plush Emergency Kit available via this link.


Kiss x Hello Kitty Collection by Medicom Toy  - If the Demon, the Starchild, the Catman and the Spaceman, all members from the sensational rock band Kiss, were cuddly, plush cats with bows, they would probably look something like this Hello Kitty x Kiss collabo. The collection features t-shirts, a lunch box, mugs and plush toys, all of which portray Hello Kitty rocking the iconic Kiss make-up and attire. Rock and roll every night and party everyday with this limited collection.

Now available at rakuten.co.jp