SNURK Astronaut and Princess Bedding
- In March, SNURK, a independent high quality bedding brand from Amsterdam, will be releasing  two new bedding sets that are sure to positively promote bedtime with the kids; The Astronaut and Princess duvet cover and pillowcase sets.

These new single bed duvet covers will allow your lil dreamers to explore the world beyond the stars and dream of white stallions and Prince Charming while tucked safely into their soft beds.

Great for themed rooms, sleepovers and kids who dream big.

Also…that spaceman suit is Astronomical!

Available soon at

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses by Ian Falconer - American illustrator and children’s book author, Ian Falconer, has recently released his eleventh installment in his Olivia series. In Falconer’s latest rendition, Olivia, a brilliant yet dramatic young piglet, is having an identity crisis. It turns out there are way too many pink, sparkly princesses around and she just doesn’t get it. How can they all be special if they are all the same?

So Olivia sets out to create a bunch of different princess dresses representing many cultures from around the world. In doing so, she proves that each person can be their own beautiful princess and that there are alternatives to the pink tutu.

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses is now available at