Rirakkuma Bear and Friends Emergency Kits - March 11th marks the second anniversary of the enormously devastating 2011 Tohoku Earthquake that hit Japan. Since, Japan, as well as many others countries, have been very proactive in preparing for future natural disaster of these kinds. However, preparing children for occurrences of this magnitude is not obvious and can easily incite fear in the lil guys. 

To help promote awareness about natural disasters in a less frightening way, the nice people at San-X have released a collection of very cute Emergency Backpacks filled with vitally important supplies. Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Tarepanda and Tsugino Kerori carry with them a couple of bottles of water, a bit of food, a blanket and a few extra things to get your kid through a couple of hard days with a cuddly friend.

Prepare your kids with the Plush Emergency Kit available via this link.


Finger In The Nose x Hot Wheels Capsule Collection - The new Spring/Summer 2013 collection has dropped over at Finger In The Nose and with it, a collaboration with American toy car giants, Hot Wheels. The famous 1973 Roger Dodger, the Surf Wagon, the o.g. Bone Shaker and one of Hot Wheels’ Hot Rods have inspired four youthful illustrations as part of an exclusive t-shirt collection.  The graphics range from bright and colourful to basic white-on-black so there is a tee for your boys no matter what their age.

Be sure to check out the whole Hot Wheels x Finger In The Nose capsule collection at  fingerinthenose.com

The Buchi Toy Car by Fumie Shibata - Shibabta, the designer behind Fe Furniture and the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel has created Buchi, a high quality wooden children’s toy and furniture company. 

The stand out piece from the Buchi collection is by far the new toy Car. The Car is made of soft and fine textured maple. Its hollow, oval shape allows kids to easily grasp the toy but also allows your kids to place a doll or other toys inside the vehicle. The best part about the Car is it’s ability to connect to another and become a train. 2-in-1!

Pick up a Buchi Car as a one-vehicle or a three-vehicle set. Available now via buchi.co.jp

Itza Soft Footballs - Playing with an American Football for the first time can be a difficult feat. They are so intimidating with their hard leather skin, their pointy ends and their lightning fast speed. Most people (i.e. me), shy away from catching the football when learning because, usually, you end up with a pointy ball in the gut. Gah!

But not with Itza Footballs! Their noble mission to “fly high and land soft” make Itza’s friendly footballs the best for backyard play and learning. The ball features a light, soft, sticky and durable rubber skin so each throw is cached and each catch is painless no matter the conditions. To boot, throwing the Itza football in a perfect tight spiral is super easy, allowing kids to really get the movement down without too much effort.

The truth is, these bright coloured footballs can turn any eight year old boy into a lil rocket launcher and any kid’s outstretched hands to velvet gloves with gecko grip. So if your kids are showing interest in the all America game of Football, start ‘em out with the Itza. It’s a sure thing!

Available now at itzafootball.com

Indigo Jamm’s Retro Scooter - Indigo Jamm’s “Jamm Scoot” is the winner of the 2012 Junior Design Award for Best Toy Design for Children From 0-2 Years Old. The retro inspired, pedal-free scooter, allows your toddler to scoot around smoothly and in style while still aiding in the development of strong legs and core muscles. The lil wooden scooter features a compartment to store toys, a painted speedometer, headlight and tail light, and four multi-directional swivel wheels.

We can almost see it now, your modish toddlers riding along the English country side towards Brighton beach for a day of fun in the sun!

Available in aqua and pink at indigojamm.com

Interactive Butterfly In A Jar - With summer just around the corner, kids are going to be grabbing their insect nets and heading out to explore and catch bugs. Of course the most loved insect by most kids is the easy-to-catch, innocent and graceful butterflies. Monarchs, Swallow Tails, Painted Ladies and/or Morphos might find a way to life in a jar on your kitchen table. The truth is, however, that these creatures don’t live long in jars and your kids might watch the poor creature pass away.

That’s why, the Interactive Butterfly in a Jar, which simulates the random pattern flight of a real butterfly, may be a good alternative. The true-to-form butterfly flutters its wings so convincingly, you might have to look twice. So let you kids catch and release their friends and keep the Interactive Butterfly instead. They wont be disappointed.

Available as a Blue Morpho, Pink Morpho, Yellow Swallow Tail or a Monarch at mybutterflyinajar.com

Playsam Roadster Saab - Playsam is the leading toy design company in all of Scandinavia. Their innovative team of designers take it upon themselves to create toys that are both classic and contemporary, beautiful and functional, as well as simple and sophisticated.

The clean and simple Saab “ride-on” Roadster is sure to make your child’s first ride a memorable one. The toy is based on the original 92001 Saab model, the very first Saab designed by Sixten Sason after the Second World War. The little car has a wooden steering wheel, seat and bumpers along with a shiny plastic body.

Although all the Playsam toys are wonderful and creative in their own way the Saab Roadster is a hard act to follow.

Find out where your local Playsam retailers are at playsam.com